Hello! I'm Mark Hadley, a Los Angeles based composer and producer. My original music can be heard in a wide range of media, from TV shows including The Exes and Rectify to films, trailers, commercials, and even a contemporary dance. The music I create is branded by unique, homemade sounds, both organic and synthetic, and I strive to take you, the listener, on a journey in an immersive sonic environment.

In addition to composing, I perform and record as a session guitarist. My studio credits include TV shows like Modern Family, Marry Me, Trophy Wife, Bent, Rectify, and Jane By Design, in addition to films and many albums.

My musical expedition began in Rochester, NY, with the piano, at a very early age. The trumpet was quick to follow. But I began realizing that there weren't pianists or trumpet players in any of my favorite bands, and thus in my early early teens, the guitar became my obsession. Here, it's important to note that my first band, called The Usual Suspects (fka Brain Freeze), won the 8th grade talent show with a brilliant* rendition of Eve 6's Inside Out.

After joining the high school jazz band, however, the power chords became more complex jazz chords, and music became more academic. There was still plenty of pop punk, including my next band, Along Those Lines (who also dominated the very serious** talent show scene), but I began to study jazz guitar at Eastman School of Music.

Upon graduating high school, I received a generous scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I graduated summe cum laude, in 2011, with a dual degree in film scoring and guitar performance.

So there was some pop punk, then some jazz, and then electronic. I've taken on a keen interest in music synthesis, sampling and sound design. Now, I live in Los Angeles, where I write music and ponder the meaning of life and and our place in the cosmos. Thanks for visiting my site, designed by my brilliant younger brother Dan. Click the moving rings to listen to some music, and feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

*was not brilliant.

**was not serious.